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TUBIX or ZOOM: which is the best for you?

TUBIX or ZOOM: which is the best for you?


Today we would like to share with you some interesting information concerning ZOOM and TUBIX, our steam pipes deck ovens. They are apparently similar in shape and working characteristics. But we used the word “apparently” because there are huge differences between the two.

TUBIX is a static steam pipes deck oven made of bricks and concrete with a firm floor-base baking. You can choose among different models: with 3 or 4 decks, 2/3/4 windows, 1600/2000/2400/2800 mm dept, from 8 to 28 mq, which means from 80 to 280 kg bread per hour!! It is delivered disassembled and it is assembled directly on place by one of our best technicians. Thanks to its firm floor-base baking it is suitable for great quantity and large-size bread.The baking is exceptionally stable, homogenous and gentle, the product rises with perfect fragrance and softness. Tubix can run 24 hours/day and 7 days/week. When heated, it maintains thermal inertia for a long time. It is the best choice when you want to bake large quantities of bread.

ZOOM shares with Tubix the steam pipes technology but without concrete basement. It can be easily repositioned at any time, without disassembly. You can choose among 3 models that differentiate in baking surface: 80x120 cm, 120x120 cm or 120x180 cm, 4/6/9 mq, it means from 40 to 90 kg/hour. The ovens can be delivered assembled or disassembled. Zoom is less stable after baking but more flexible in temperature: it heats up faster than Tubix but cools even faster. Its versatile nature, in fact, permits rapid temperature adjustments. It is appropriated for discontinuous use with long shutdown periods. It is suitable for any bakers and confectioners’ need, since it allows to bake different types of pastry and baked goods (bread and sourdough bread, pastries and cakes, biscuits and baklava, focaccia and soft pizza...).

Both pipes ovens can work either with gas/gasoil burner or with wood or pellet burner. 
Check out more info about wood furnace at the link below:

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