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Canadian Barn Owl Bakery chose Bassanina steam pipes wood fired deck oven

Canadian Barn Owl Bakery chose Bassanina steam pipes wood fired deck oven

Support the eco-friendly project

When we produce an oven we take care of it from the very first moments of its life, and when we ship it, it becomes a sort of farewell, with the wish that it can always find a warm and cozy place to be. When we have the certainty that this happened, we are the more grateful and happy people on Earth!

Take a couple of minutes to read about the interesting project bravely undertook by a Canadian family in Lopez Island, where our Bassanina steam pipes wood fired deck oven has a real leading role.

Their bakery experience started in 2012, when mum and dad, together with the owners of the farm where they were living, decided to open a tiny bakehouse and started a small rural business, by making organic breads and pastries with heritage grains and produce grown on Lopez Island. For the past 7 years they have baked in a brick oven they built by themselves.

Over time, with their local reputation increasing and business growing, they decided to invest in renovation works in a bigger Farm to build their new Bakery and in the purchase of a Bassanina steam pipes wood fired deck oven. Compared to the previous, the Bassanina's is “a larger, more efficient, more baker friendly oven. An oven that can meet our current needs and carry us forward as a growing business.” As they soon confirmed, “the bread quality improved, the bakers lives improved, and the amount of wood burned dropped dramatically.  This new oven quadruples our baking capacity while keeping the renewable wood energy we are rich in here in the islands. We expect to burn half the amount of wood to bake the same amount of bread.” And again “This oven is the hot beating heart of everything we do, it's the engine that drives the entire local grain economy we've built here, it's what creates the bread that sustains us.”

At the Barn Owl Bakery they grow their grains in rotation and breed animals on pasture on surrounding lands, by reducing transportation and processing. They do not use any fertilizers, and this grants their products to be 100% organic.
Barn Owl Bakery is moving its first steps day by day, encouraged by the local community that supports their eco-friendly projects. Their breads full of flavour, nutrition and stories are becoming a real symbol of the village and you can buy them in stores and restaurants and soon through an online shop.

If this story had impact on you as much as it had on us and you would like to support Barn Owl Bakery, please click on the link below and donate. Even a very small sum can make the difference. Because, as they said, sometimes what they need is just a word of encouragement:

“…here we are, asking for help, for a few folks to say, yes, go for it, we can do it together.”

From all Bassanina Staff a huge good luck and GO FOR IT!!! You are doing it right!


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