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The rotating rack oven is a convectional oven with forced air circulation. Rotor is a rear oven with back burner and heat exchanger, to reduce overall dimensions. Its versatility makes it suitable for several bread types and pastry products, both small-and-medium-sized. The balanced hot air, combined with the rotation of the rack and a controlled steam input, grant constant, even baking, by fostering the rising and fragrance of the product. Perfectly stable baking grants to obtain voluminous and soft bread, of any shape and kind. The air is channeled into the baking chamber through special ducts and a series of inlets with adjustable shutters, by realizing the heat absorption from the heat exchanger. The air is heated in a proper heat exchanger provided with a heat resistant surface that allows a big thermic exchange. Low air circulation speed and a special heat exchanger system guarantee baking stability and reduced consumption. Advanced technology, quality materials and high thermic efficiency ensure even baking and low consumption. Made of stainless steel with a modular construction system that reduces installation time and offers increased protection and longevity against the structural thermic expansion that occurs during the operation.

The special structure and the combination of the components minimize heat losses and optimize energy consumption. The result: maximum fuel savings for a more economic project. The oven has a perfect thermic isolation, where no toxic materials are employed. The powerful steam device, inside the baking chamber that operates through a programmable timer system, provides the adequate quantity of steam for the most demanding applications, even during continuous operations. The oven can work with gas or diesel burners, or by electric energy. Moreover, it is available in two versions: with mechanical or with digital programmable panel. Power three-phase + neutral 230v or of 400v, with a frequency of 50 or 60 hz. Special power on request. The machine compiles with the European applicable directives, with 2-years-guarantee for all its parts, excluding those elements that are subject to normal wear and tear.

  inch NR KW KCAL ELETRIC KW inch2 inch - W x L x H + H1 Lbs
ROTOR 57 (Single Rack)  18''x26'' / 20''x28'' 8 1,7 45.000 15x2400W 36.0 8.424'' / 10.080'' 49''x65''x 82''+13'' 2.600
ROTOR 89 (Double Rack) 2x (18''x26'' / 20''x28'') 2x18 3.0 70.000 18x3400W 61.2 16.848'' / 20.160'' 64''x84''x87''+16'' 3.836

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