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Cyclope Rotor

Cyclope Rotor

The Greatness in Baking

The result of technical expertise, experience and careful design, this rotary oven features exclusive contours and painstaking attention to details in all aspects. The burner and heat exchanger are rear mounted to save space at the front. This solution optimizes the production process and reduces the costs of logistic for an offer with the best possible price. Balanced distribution of airflows and carefully controlled circulation for uniform and even baking results are guaranteed, in all parts of the oven. The ducts with adjustable direction flow guides grant precise adjustment of the air's quantity and direction during the baking. The large volume of steam emitted avoids any problem of hydration and blistering, fosters the leavening process and adds fragrance to the product.

The unit can be rapidly installed, dismantled and repositioned. The strength of this oven lies in the modular structure with bolt-together coupling system, which increases protection against the structural expansion that occurs when the oven is operating, Moreover, a new and exceptionally efficient system for air suction and replacement at the end of the baking cycle is provided. Made entirely of stainless steel, the heavy gauges used for the structural parts help to improve thermal performance and to increase overall ruggedness of the unit. The assembly technique and special coupling of the component parts reduce temperature loss and increase the working life of the oven. The oven can be heated using liquid fuel, gas or electricity.


CYCLOPE inch NR KW KCAL ELETRIC KW inch2 inch - W x L x H + H1 Lbs
ROTOR 57 (Single Rack) 18''x26'' / 20''x28'' 18 1.7 45.000 15x2400W 36.0 8.424'' / 10.080'' 49''x65''x82''+13'' 2.600
ROTOR 89 (Double rack) 2 x (18''x26'' / 20''x28'') 2x18 3.0 70.000 18x3400 W 61.2 16.848'' / 20.160'' 64''x84''x87''+16'' 3.840

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