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Cyclope Roller

Cyclope Roller

Baking without compromises

The result of technical expertise, experience and careful design, this rotary oven features exclusive contours and painstaking attention to detail in all aspects. Burner and front heat exchanger support special operating needs and enable a number of units to be aligned. Burner or heating elements are housed in their own locked compartment, granting more order and security. Its versatility makes it suited for several bread types and pastry products, both small and medium-sized. The oven is made of 1.0 to 5.0 mm gauge stainless steel. The skillful use of different sheet metal gauges and the special bending system employed, plus the exclusive coupling system for individual components, reduce heat losses and optimize heat diffusion inside the oven.

The front panel is made of 1.5 mm gauge sheet steel, while the heat exchanger is made of 2 mm gauge AISI 310 temperature-resistant steel. The exclusive steamers are made of iron (Fe) for technical reasons. All the compact and easy-to-handle parts are joined with nuts and bolts. This system offers superior performance to welds in relation to thermal expansion phenomena and it assures extended durability and working life. The oven is designed, built and tested to perform continuous uninterrupted baking cycles. The response to various baking requirements is excellent. Temperature rise is constant irrespective of the number of product units to be baked. Stable, uniform and even baking that grants volume and softness to all types of bread. It is available with mechanical or digital programmable panel.

CYCLOPE inch NR KW KCAL ELETRIC KW inch2 inch - W x L x H + H1 Lbs
ROLLER 89 (Double rack)  2x (18''x26'' / 20''x28'') 2x18 3.0 70.000 18x3400 W 61.2 16.848'' / 20.160'' 83''x69''x87''+16'' 4.235
ROLLER 89.3+ (Double Rack) 2x (18''x26'' / 20''x28'') 2x18 3.0 70.000 18x3400 W 61.2 16.848'' / 20.160'' 83''x69''x92''+16'' 4.450

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