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Bake traditional bubliki, baranki and sushki with ovens Bassanina!

Bake traditional bubliki, baranki and sushki with ovens Bassanina!

Rotary rack oven

Bubliki, baranki and sushki are traditional East-European bread rings of yeast-leavened wheat dough that are first boiled, then dried and finally baked. The name “baranki”, in fact, derives from the ancient Slavic word, "obvariti", to parboil.
The bublik resembles a big, softer, plumped-up baranka; it is named after the verb “bublitsa”, to swell.
Sushka, instead, is an even smaller and drier type, about 5 cm in size, which has the consistency of a hard cracker.
In 17th century, Russian people used to decorate the walls of their homes with rounded baked goods, such as baranki, in order to emphasize their prosperity. This custom had an ancient origin: they said that since baranki symbolized the sun, if you showed that your house was full of solar symbols you attracted more sun and therefore, more wealth. 
Bassanina rotary rack ovens are perfect to bake these traditional products due to their balanced, uniform and stable baking.

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